As Passive Optical LAN technology matures and adoption accelerates, we are seeing our integration partners develop more elegant ways to remotely-power the Optical Network Terminals (ONT). Clearly remote powering of ONTs is preferred by the end-customers, compared to local power options, and our skilled integration partners are well positioned to satisfy the customers’ wishes.

Often remote powering of ONTs is preferred because of the following reasons:

  1. Visually appealing and more secure – no powering elements are seen in the workplace
  2. Better operational efficiencies – centralized power equipment and management
  3. Considered safer – 48Vdc NEC Class 2 powering lessens threat of fire and shock
  4. Saves money – certified electrician is not required for the installation of Class 2 powering
  5. More flexible design – leads to more advantageous ONT placements
  6. Synergies with powering Wi-Fi, DAS, digital ceiling and Internet of Things (IoT) devices

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