IP Community Forward™

The Infopipe Foundation

New for 2018, IP Community Forward™ is a program for both educating customers in a fast-moving market and supporting causes inside our professional community.


A commitment to offering the market affordable continuing education credits (CECs) in important & trending areas that out agency represents:

  • The in-building cellular | DAS marketplace
  • NFPA72 building life safety compliance
  • Test reporting & cloud-based data management
  • The emerging role of Passive Optical LAN (POL)
  • Wi-Fi testing standards
  • Sound masking & employee productivity
  • On to terabit – High-Speed Fiber Migration (HSM) in the data center
  • Powered Fiber Optic System (PoE)
  • Three Phase Power
  • Li-fi & other emerging technologies
  • More …


Whether it’s you or a staff member, investing in IP Community Forward™ sessions means investing in causes. Proceeds from all live IP Community Forward™ sessions will raise money for people in our community that are in need.

Be on the lookout for other stand-alone fundraising opportunities including:

  • group walks
  • mud runs
  • 5Ks
  • SPEED Lacrosse™
  • Socials

You can learn more by reaching out to Joyce Mason | [email protected]