Now in its third year, IPThink10 is a fast paced learning and awareness program for the companies that distribute INFOPIPE® represented products and solutions.

Powered by Microsoft Teams® & Tremendous™ and in partnership with the companies we represent, IPThink10 sessions are 10 minutes in duration and offers $10 in exchange for your complete attention.

  • 5 minutes of content
  • 5 minute retention quiz
  • $10 e-gift card

This makes staying current convenient and fast.

IPThink10 sessions are offered to inside sales and support teams at each of our core distribution partners.

Education Topics

  • In-building cellular | DAS
  • IP security solution(s)
  • Pathways construction & product selection
  • Sound masking & employee productivity
  • On to terabit | High-Speed Fiber Migration (HSM) in the data center
  • Powered Fiber Optic System (PoE)
  • Three Phase Power
  • and more …

You can learn more by reaching out to Joyce Mason | [email protected]