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The need for robust in-building cellular coverage has never been greater. The power to communicate anywhere, anytime through our mobile devices is essential—and expected.
Dropped calls, spotty coverage, and dead zones are no longer acceptable. Building owners, property managers, and enterprises need consistent and reliable mobile service to keep employees productive, tenants satisfied, and customers connected. CommScope’s all-digital ERA distributed antenna system (DAS)
delivers high-performance in-building connectivity with speed and simplicity. The modular system allows you to support today’s cellular coverage and capacity demands and scale to deliver 5G when you’re ready.

Cable Exchange, A CommScope Company, is a leading manufacturer of copper and fiber patch cords, pigtails and fiber trunks for the enterprise and data center space. Cable Exchange has operations in North Carolina and California and can ship assemblies to arrive in days from time of order for custom configurations and often same day from their extensive inventory of standard products at their warehouses. CLICK HERE FOR 5 QUICK FACTS ABOUT CABLE EXCHANGE (2023)

ONECELL helps enterprises and service providers meet the growing demand for reliable LTE and 5G services where they matter most—indoors. It combines multi-operator LTE and 5G coverage with a simple Wi-Fi-like deployment model to cost-effectively meet enterprise needs for commercial mobile services as well as private LTE and 5G networks. ONECELL’s hardware, software and management interfaces are consistent with emerging open RAN architectures and standards.

A Commscope (NASDAQ: COMM) brand, SYSTIMAX has a rich history, embedded deep in the evolution of the telecommunications industry. As part of Western Electric, the long-time manufacturing arm under AT&T, SYSTIMAX was the first brand used for bringing structured cabling solutions to the telecommunications market in 1989. This history of technological innovation and quality is part of why we believe SYSTIMAX is the most notable structured cabling brand in the world.

Exceptional Value. Headroom to Standards. Simplicity by Design. A Commscope (NASDAQ: COMM ) brand, Uniprise delivers quality, easy-to-use structured cabling solutions that work from day one to support customer’s connectivity needs and extend and protect their IT investment long into the future. Proven, reliable network infrastructure technology at the right value is our hallmark and we deliver it every day.

In 2011, our innovative core alignment Fusion Splicer, the Mini 6S, was developed by our engineering department in cooperation with researchers from Dae Duk R&D complex, a Korean government agency, with the development being completed by mid 2012. Within our Research and Development, QA, and Sales departments, we always try new things with creativity in mind and as a result, we come up with innovative forward designs and ideas that have been widely embraced in the fusion splicer marketplace. Fiberfox is comprised of many talented people who have more than 20 years in the fiber optic telecommunication business. We also partner with experienced and trusted distributors in key geographic regions to expand our global presence. Our quality, rugged durability, and acceptance by many of the leading market segment companies globally have established FiberFox as the premier choice in fusion splicing technology.

nVent CADDY is there for customers through every step of the job, from design to installation to inspection. Trust nVent CADDY for applications including electrical, mechanical, datacom, plumbing, HVAC, fire sprinkler and more. nVent CADDY is a leading global manufacturer of fastening products for data communications systems. Our products connect and protect our customers’ systems in facilities where the cost of failure is very high. Since 1956, contractors, architects, engineers and distributors have trusted nVent CADDY for quality fixing, fastening and hanging products.

WBT was acquired by nVent CADDY in 2020 and offers you the best in wire mesh cable tray solutions.  WBT’s Shaped Wire (patent pending) revolutionizes wire basket tray, offering substantially more cabling support and greatly reduced cable strain. No tools, no assembly, just a faster universal installation. WBT is widely known as the most functional tray system for modern communications pathway. Low labor, high-quality continuous support.

nVent Hoffman designs, manufactures, markets and services products that guard and protect electronics and electronic equipment, as well as heat management solutions designed to provide thermal protection to temperature sensitive applications. It provides a range of standard, modified and engineered solutions to the commercial, communications, energy, electronics, industrial, infrastructure, medical, and security & defense industries.

Lencore transforms environments that change people’s lives. We engineer and build system solutions for Sound Masking, Paging and Audio with applications in a variety of industries including corporate office space, healthcare, finance, legal, government, and education. We see a world where the workplace is more productive and privacy matters; a world where communication is instantaneous and clear; a world where the environment is as ideal for an individual as it is for group collaboration. Our mission is to provide the finest acoustical comfort and speech privacy solutions.