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Passive Optical LAN | Remote Powering | Six (6) Reasons Why

As Passive Optical LAN technology matures and adoption accelerates, we are seeing our integration partners develop more elegant ways to remotely-power the Optical Network Terminals (ONT). Clearly remote powering of ONTs is preferred by the end-customers, compared to local power options, and our skilled integration partners are well positioned to satisfy the customers’ wishes. Often remote powering […]


MPTL | New Test Protocol for Today’s Converged Edge Infrastructure

MPTL: New Test Procedure for Today’s Converged Infrastructure Mark Mullins 2017-09-14 With the Internet of Things (IoT) and the development of sensor technology, more and more devices are becoming IP enabled and connecting to the copper horizontal cabling infrastructure. Most of these devices such as LED lights, security cameras, building automation controls, and Wi-Fi access […]